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Playground Surface Testing

A playground should be a place for children to run, jump and soar with a soft place to land. However, 75% of all playground injuries are due to falls onto surfacing.

Surface Impact Testing

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 27% of traumatic brain injuries in children under age 10 occur on playgrounds.

Our surface impact testing program keeps parks and playgrounds as safe as possible by pairing two GMAX drop testing balls, the Triax 2010 and the G-Facter for surface analysis.

Triax 2010

Designed to ASTM standards, the Triax 2010 Safety Impact Test (SIT) evaluates surface impact attenuation on any playground surfacing material. Equipped with a built-in accelerometer, the Triax 2010 head form transmits data to a handheld computer which measures the maximum deceleration of gravity (GMAX) and the severity and duration of impact (HIC).

Are You a Playground Inspection

If you already have a maintenance staff or people that manage your facilities and playgrounds, Playground Guardian offers the Park Protector app.