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We understand the time and manpower needed to keep America’s parks and playgrounds safe. In addition to our exclusive Park Protector Inspection Software and App, Playground Guardian offers a full line of customized services from certified playground safety inspectors to keep your playground system in peak condition. Choose services that complement your own, or combine services for a comprehensive playground management solution.

Playground Inspections

While our Park Protector software and mobile app allow you to perform your own park and playground inspections onsite, we also offer convenient low-frequency inspections, audits and ASA assessments from a certified playground safety inspector.


Playground Inspections

While our Park Protector software and mobile app allow you to perform your own park and playground inspections onsite, we also offer convenient low-frequency inspections, audits and ASA assessments for a more turnkey solution.

Low Frequency Inspections

Perhaps our most vital service, low-frequency inspections can be performed weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually from a certified playground safety inspector, depending on your needs. During an examination, we inspect each playground inventory item for issues that could create a hazardous play environment, as well as structural integrity, proper use zones, safety surfacing, entanglements and entrapments, exposed footers, loose or missing hardware and excessive wear or damage.

Upon completion, we enter all findings on our exclusive Park Protector software system, and send you a detailed report, including digital photos and estimates to repair all equipment defects, damage or hazards.


Usually performed once in the lifetime of a playground, an audit verifies that each playground component complies with all applicable standards of the American Society for Testing & Materials (F1487-07 specifications) and the CPSC Handbook for Public Playground Safety. Conducted on new or substantially renovated playgrounds, an audit attests that the playground and equipment pose no serious or life-threatening situations. After the audit, our certified playground safety inspectors enter data on our online Park Protector software system for secure, long-term storage plus provide a full report prioritized by risk.

ADA Assessments

An ADA assessment assures your park and playground meet the minimum required standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Each assessment confirms that the playground incorporates an accessible route to the play area, safety surfacing for correct use zones, turning spaces and composite structure platforms, multiple elevated and ground play events, sensory and communicative components, and guardrails and barriers.

When finished, we log all information on our proprietary Park Protector software system, and provide a full report assessing the playground’s ability to meet ADA standards.

Playground Maintenance and Repairs

We understand that maintaining a playground system can be overwhelming. So our park and playground inspections include a detailed estimate for any necessary and/or required playground maintenance and repairs. If desired, we can perform these tasks onsite, such as:

Playground Surface Testing

A playground should be a place for children to run, jump and soar with a soft place to land. However, 75% of all playground injuries are due to falls onto surfacing. In addition, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 27% of traumatic brain injuries in children under age 10 occur on playgrounds. Fortunately, our surface impact testing program keeps parks and playgrounds as safe as possible by pairing two GMAX drop testing balls: the Triax 2010 and the ST Impact Analyzer CH ™.

Triax 2010

Designed to ASTM standards, the Triax 2010 Safety Impact Test (SIT) evaluates surface impact attenuation on any playground surfacing material. Equipped with a built-in accelerometer, the Triax 2010 head form transmits data to a handheld computer which measures the maximum deceleration of gravity (GMAX) and the severity and duration of impact (HIC).

ST Impact Analyzer CH STCH

A highly accurate drop testing method, ST Impact Analyzer CH ™ simulates the actual impact of a child hitting the surface. Rather than use an adult-size head form, ST Impact Analyzer CH relies on a testing ball that matches the dimensions of a six-year-old child’s head. This method yields highly relevant feedback including maximum G forces and velocity at impact from specific heights. In addition, the Analyzer tests surfaces in multiple locations (rather than one spot), reflecting the way children naturally interact with a playground.

Surface Testing Expertise

All Playground Guardian inspectors have been certified to perform surface impact attenuation using both the Triax 2010 and ST Impact Analyzer CH testing procedures. After testing, they transfer data to our Park Protector software database where you can track trends and potential risks. We also provide a thorough drop test report with photos and recommendations for maintenance and/or upgrades.

Playground Training

Many communities, neighborhoods and school districts prefer to maintain and manage their own parks and playgrounds. However, because staff members work with a limited number of systems, they’re not always aware of the latest safety protocols. If needed, one of our certified playground safety inspectors can work with your department to develop an in-house playground maintenance and inspection program, plus training for:

Five-Point Protection

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