Year-Round Park and Playground Protection

Playground Guardian provides a full-range of customized, onsite safety inspection services and playground software to help municipalities, schools and neighborhoods across the US monitor and maintain their parks and playgrounds. Our third-generation team has designed, installed and maintained playground equipment for more than 50 years. In addition, our National Recreation & Park Association (NRPA)-certified experts have inspected thousands of playgrounds across the nation.

This high level of experience allows us to provide a host of services from assuring your playground offers a safe harbor with minimal risk of injuries to developing proprietary playground software that make your job easier.

Professionals You Can Trust

Backed by decades of experience, Playground Guardian assures the safety of playground equipment and surfaces to prevent injuries, minimize risk, and protect your park investment for decades to come.

Products and Services

Inspection Software

Park Protector user-friendly playground software and mobile app for safety inspections to securely manage, inspect and maintain an entire park or playground system


Timely low and high frequency playground safety inspections, audits and ADA assessments that ensure performance, structural integrity and/or compliance of all equipment

Maintenance and Repairs

Onsite, turnkey maintenance, repair and clean-up services to remedy issues that could lead to larger problems over time

Surface Testing

Sophisticated impact attenuation and drop testing to assure safety surfacing materials are compliant


Education to keep staff up-to-date on proper maintenance, inspection, usage and playground safety protocols


Professional process to recondition and revitalize worn and weathered play equipment

Five-Point Protection

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