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Park Protector is cloud-based, mobile-friendly playground inspection software. Manage, monitor and inspect any municipal, neighborhood or school playground system from your computer or any mobile device.

Playground Guardian was very flexible with our schedule and were all incredibly understanding that getting the playground reopened quickly was a top priority. The crew worked diligently and finished right on schedule. The work was exceptional and the team didn't leave a drop of material out of place...

Alana Delaney, Delaware State Parks, Park Manager

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#1 Playground Inspection Software is Park Protector

Park Protector makes it possible to perform both low and high-frequency inspections, ADA assessments and audits. Park Protector is usable across all devices from desktop to mobile, saving time and money while improving playground safety.

Save Your Team Hours of Work

The mobile-friendly interface of the playground inspection software
makes it fast and easy to track issues and review reporting.

Accessible Across Any Device

Park Protector is compatible with all desktop and mobile
devices, making your reporting and data available everywhere.

Individual Site or Franchise Capabilities

Easily assign users to single or multiple locations,
making it possible to manage one or many play areas quickly.

Reporting & Analysis Tools

Park Protector makes it easy to review and analyze
reporting data from your playground inspections.

See How It Works

The Park Protector Playground Inspection Software Makes It Easy to Manage Your Playgrounds & Keep Them Safe

Park Protector allows you to use your computer, iPad, or
Android mobile device and inspect playgrounds in the field.

Designed by Playground Professionals for Playground Professionals

Playground Guardian, the company behind Park Protector, has years of experience with not only inspecting playgrounds, but actually building safe and reliable playgrounds! This means that the Park Protector software is designed with you and your team’s inspection, compliance, maintenance, and reporting needs in mind.

Playground Inspections on Any Device

Park Protector has been completely redesigned as a newmobile-friendly web application, making it possible to manage your playground inspections, repairs, work orders, and so much more from any device. As a plus, your inspection records and data are now also available wherever you are, making it easier to see trends and recurring issues while you’re at the playground.


Full Suite of Reporting & Analysis Tools

Playground inspection software that allows you to log and track issues is great, but that information isn’t very helpful if you don’t have the ability to see reporting and analyze your inspection data. Park Protector playground inspection software provides a full suite of reporting and analysis tools wherever you are, making it easy to see trends in data and track ongoing issues.

Offline Capabilities

Park Protector is known for being able to work offline or in areas where wifi networks and mobile data aren’t available. That hasn’t changed with the new mobile-friendly web interface. You can still perform playground inspections with the software, log issues, track maintenance needs, and then upload your data once you have access to mobile data or wifi again.


Work Orders & Issue Reporting

Park Protector makes it possible to generate work orders in real time, track issues and include pictures of any problems that have been identified. Overall, this saves your playground inspector’s time and all of the data can be exported to external software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Team Scheduling

Keep your inspectors moving using the integrated scheduling tools that are included with Park Protector. The team scheduling tools make it easy to develop and publish inspection schedules for all of your facilities.

Plan for the Future of Playground Safety

Playground Guardian is a 3rd-generation American company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We’re passionate about playground safety as we are National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) certified and members of the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). Keeping parks and playgrounds fun and safe is at the core of who we are, and we’re always working to make it easier to inspect and maintain parks and playgrounds.