Playground Guardian

Safety Audits & Inspections

Performing routine safety audits and inspections of the parks and playgrounds in your community, schools, and other facilities is vital to ensure that they stay safe. Playground Guardian can take care of this for you in many ways.

Playground Safety Inspections & Safety Audits

Parents and children deserve to know that their playgrounds, play equipment, and other playground facilities are safe. Playground Guardian can perform these inspections for you and even fix any issues.

Skatepark Inspections

Playground Guardian inspects all kinds of playgrounds, including those for children and youth who enjoy skateboarding. Our inspectors will perform regular inspections of your skateparks to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Bleacher Inspections

Playground Guardian doesn’t just inspect parks and playgrounds for children. Parents and fans need to be safe, too! PG can perform regular inspections of your bleachers, benches, and other seating areas to keep everyone safe.

Park Amenities Inspections

If your park has pavilions, picnic tables, and other facilities that are used by the public, make sure you keep them safe for use with regular inspections. Playground Guardian's inspection services will help ensure that they are in great shape.

Sport Court Inspections

Nobody likes sprained ankles or breaks and bruises from falls on poorly maintained basketball or tennis courts. Playground Guardian can help make sure that your sport courts are safe and well-maintained.

Are You a Playground Inspection

If you already have a maintenance staff or people that manage your facilities and playgrounds, Playground Guardian offers the Park Protector app.