Playground Guardian

Park Maintenance & Repairs

Maintaining a playground system can be overwhelming. Our park and playground inspections include a detailed estimate for any necessary and/or required playground maintenance and repairs.

Tightening or replacing playground hardware

If your playground needs repair or maintenance we can perform the work for you. Our park and playground repairs commonly include:

  • Tightening or replacing playground hardware
  • Raking playground surfacing under swings and slides
  • Cleaning up debris and trash around parks and playgrounds
  • Power washing playground equipment
  • Re-coating worn playground decking
  • Replacing loose-fill playground surfacing
  • Re-coating and repairing rubber playground surfaces
  • Removing graffiti from playground equipment and surfaces

Are You a Playground Inspection

If you already have a maintenance staff or people that manage your facilities and playgrounds, Playground Guardian offers the Park Protector app.