With a name like Playground Guardian someone will make an easy connection as to why we talk so much about inspecting playgrounds and park amenities. However, an often overlooked area of inspection and maintenance is seating areas like bleachers and benches for sports fields.

What kind of seating areas does this include?

● Metal bleachers
● Metal benches
● Stadium & grandstand seating like benches
● Portable or collapsible bleachers

We always encourage municipalities, schools, and other organizations to keep a regular inspection schedule for their seating areas. Regular inspections for items like loose hardware or cracking or broken welds will help to prevent what could become a catastrophic weak point in your seating areas.

Did You Know?

Different types of bleachers require different inspection checklists. For example, there are things to check for on elevated bleachers that you do not check on non-elevated seating.

Also, the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) has created a list of regulations that help to avoid injuries on bleachers and grandstands.

Things To Look For

For bleachers, per the CPSC, facilities managers should always look for things like:

● Loose or missing hardware for cross-braces and frame connections
● Cracked or broken welds
● Solid anchoring or attachment to ground surfaces
● Bent or warped benches
● Sharp edges from damage
● Missing or damaged safety end caps

Other things to consider for older facilities might include ADA compliance issues like aisle width and proper handrail locations. Speaking of ADA compliance, if your facility has physical grandstands, you should consider an ADA compliance audit to ensure that you have sufficient access to things like ramps, platforms, and wheelchair seating areas.

What is the Next Step?

Have you been inspecting your bleachers and seating areas? If so, are you still using manual processes like paper and clipboards? If not, this is a serious thing to consider as your state or local municipality may have regulations where you might be out of compliance.

Either way, Playground Guardian offers inspection services which are performed by CPSI certified inspectors. Those inspections are also performed and tracked using our Park Protector playground inspection software to keep audit, inspection, maintenance, and other notes for record keeping purposes. If you are considering doing your own inspections the CPSI certified instructors at Playground Guardian can train your team.
If you have any questions feel free to reach out to the team at Playground Guardian for a consultation!