Scott with Playground Inspection ApplicationPlayground Guardian’s exclusive “Cloud” based inspection software, Park Protector, is benefitting park and recreation departments and school districts all over the United States. Park Protector inspection software is making park and playground maintenance easier than ever before.

Park Protector inspection software isn’t just for inspecting playground equipment. Playground Guardian released an InspectALL add-on module allowing users to inspect anything in their parks systems, including skate parks, trails, shelters, restrooms, ball fields, recreation centers, etc.

In a matter of minutes, Playground Guardian can upload a department’s existing inspection forms into Park Protector’s software to be used for field inspections on a handheld tablet.

Park and recreation departments and school districts are using Park Protector software and mobile app to inspect their own playgrounds. Using Park Protector allows them to track issues found during inspections, produce work orders for needed maintenance, print reports, prioritize risk management concerns as well as maintain a digital inventory of all park sites and playground equipment.

Parks and playgrounds are long-term investments, and if properly maintained can provide fun and recreational opportunities for families for decades. Research shows that well-maintained parks and playgrounds could lower the risk of costly litigation, increase the life expectancy of play equipment and park amenities, reduce complaints and most importantly keep recreational users safe.