We are witnessing a crisis never seen in our lifetime. The disruption caused by COVID-19 is affecting the lives of billions across the globe, as we are required to adapt to new lifestyles for the unforeseeable future. One thing is certain and that is children and families are yearning to go outside and enjoy our beautiful parks…now more than ever. If there ever was a silver lining to this crisis, it is a newfound or deeper appreciation for green space and parks.

As communities re-open their parks, questions are being asked if playgrounds, fitness elements, splash pads and other recreational equipment are at risk for transmitting the virus. With no scientific evidence presented to approve or disprove the notion, we are required to navigate uncertain terrains with great caution.

What can we do to provide peace of mind and an added layer of safety for our site amenities located in parks and in our recreational facilities?

Cleaning & Sanitizing Playground Regularly

For one, regular cleaning and sanitizing. Even before COVID-19, frequent usage areas run the risk of harboring germs that cause skin infections and illness. Schools, childcare centers, retail spaces are scheduled with routine cleanings, particularly during high flu seasons. Why not add recreational amenities to that list to add that extra protection? Playgrounds are said to the be the most infrequently cleaned item in a children’s environment.

What Cleaning/Sanitizing Products Should I Use?

There are products on the market that can be applied by maintenance teams or services hired on a regular basis. As you conduct research look for a product that has the following criteria:

Efficacy: Looks for a product that disinfects in a single application, no need to pre-clean surfaces or re-apply during the same application. Those applying the cleaner are not required to use PPE equipment.

Safety: Find an environmentally friendly option that does not harm people, animals, or the planet. Also, find an option that has no adverse effects on the equipment. It is important to ensure that all cleansers are non-toxic, non-irritating, non-corrosive and fragrance free.

Simplicity: Rather than keeping up with multiple products with stringent uses, it is much easier to use a versatile product that covers all needs in terms of sanitization. Look for something that is available in ready to use or an easy to dilute concentrate.

For example, after months of research for a product that meets these considerations Playground Guardian selected PeroxiGard for our own playground sanitizing services, and we offer PeroxiGard for sale online directly to our customers.

Adding Hand Sanitizer Stations

Another option to promote a cleaning regimen is to install “foaming” stations with signage that encourages all users to “foam in” before play and “foam out” when leaving the playground. No one enforces this action but again, parents and caregivers would appreciate the gesture and undoubtedly use it.

Creating Peace of Mind for Our Families & Children

We believe by integrating cleaning and sanitizing services into inspection and maintenance routines, parks and recreation departments will help to mitigate risk of virus transmission. Adding peace of mind to your constituents in the world today is a good thing.

Despite the ever-changing conditions in which we live, one thing remains the same – the work of Parks and Recreational Departments across the country are ESSENTIAL. As budgets face shortfalls and staff assume multiple roles, stretched thinner than before – cleaning and maintaining our parks amenities must be a priority. Health conditions demand it. There are ways to do it at lower cost and tools to make it easier than before. Yes, an added cost, but peace of mind certainly has a greater value.

If you are not sure how to get started, you can learn more about playground cleaning and sanitizing services, order PeroxiGard and the tools needed for sanitizing your playground equipment, or you can reach out to us with any questions.