Playground Regulations and HOAs: What You Need to Know

Certain homeowner associations provide additional space for a variety of amenities, such as a park, tennis court, pond, or water feature. Some also include playgrounds for children as one of their features, offering a range of play apparatus to choose from. Whether a playground has been part of the association since its inception or the board is contemplating it as a capital expenditure, there are specific considerations that an HOA board should bear in mind.

Playground Standards

In terms of construction and maintenance, the playground or park area must meet specific standards. Depending on the type of equipment being installed, there will be space requirements around it to ensure safety. The HOA board should seek advice from professionals in the field to guarantee that playgrounds are constructed or maintained with the appropriate spacing between different apparatus. It is advisable to do this before implementing any modifications to an existing playground or constructing a new one.

Surface Safety

Certain safety standards must be met concerning the surfaces in playgrounds to ensure the well-being of children. When children jump off equipment or land from a slide, there should be a sufficient level of protective cushioning. For instance, some playgrounds are mandated to use engineered wood chips specifically designed for playground safety. These chips must maintain a specified depth across the entire playground area to ensure the safety of children.

ADA Compliance Ensures The Protection Of Those With Disabilities

Considerations related to ADA compliance must be taken into account as well. The HOA board needs to ensure that the playground adheres to the standards set by the ADA. This includes features such as maintaining an ADA access ramp entry to the playground area.

Schedule Safety Inspections 

Ensure annual inspections are scheduled to maintain the safety of your playground under the supervision of a professional. This proactive approach will help identify any safety concerns promptly and will allow for corrections to be implemented on time. By consistently monitoring and addressing these concerns, you not only maximize child safety but also shield your association from the potential risks associated with accidents or injuries that could have been prevented.

It's essential to go beyond merely providing a playground for children to play. By adhering to straightforward guidelines, your HOA board can work towards establishing a safe and compliant play area that meets the required standards for the well-being of both children and the entire homeowner's association. Turn to Playground Guardian for all of your playground safety needs by scheduling a consultation with our skilled inspectors. Click here to learn more about our professional safety audits and inspections!