A playground is an attractive feature of any neighborhood, church, or community center -- it’s a great place for children and families to socialize and have fun. As important as a playground is to its community, it’s even more important that it is a properly-maintained, safe play space.

So, what steps can you take to make sure that your playground stays safe and fun? Here are a few important maintenance considerations from the team at Playground Guardian:
● Maintain Safe Playground Surfaces
● Conduct Regular Equipment Inspections
● Consider Playground Inspection Software

Maintain Safe Playground Surfaces

Considering that falls are one of the biggest causes of playground injuries, having a safe landing surface on your playground is essential. In order to keep your surfacing in good shape, be sure to regularly inspect it. Additionally, consider having surface impact testing done to keep your playground as safe of a place as possible. Playground Guardian’s innovative surface impact testing program can help protect you and your visitors!

Conduct Regular Equipment Inspections

Over time, park and playground equipment can suffer a normal degree of wear and tear or can even be damaged. Make sure to regularly inspect hardware, platforms, and all equipment to keep your playground safe and looking as good as new. If you aren’t qualified to conduct the inspection yourself, the team at Playground Guardian can help! Our team can provide inspection and maintenance training to you and your staff, or a CPSI-certified playground inspector can perform a quality inspection for you. Even better, we can fix any issues that we may discover during the inspection!

Consider a Playground Inspection Software

As we’ve already said, performing regular inspections on your playground is one of the most important maintenance efforts you can make in order to keep your play space safe. However, if you are performing inspections or maintenance and tracking it all with a paper system, you should consider a time-saving upgrade like Playground Guardian’s Park Protector software. Designed specifically for performing all aspects of playground inspection and maintenance, this cloud-based, mobile-friendly application can help you track, monitor, and manage all inspection and maintenance information in one place!

Other Considerations

Ready to get going with inspection and maintenance but not sure where to start? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Playground Guardian to get some more information on our services!