If you own or manage a playground or park, regular inspections are a must. But when playground owners and managers learn about the need for inspection, the first question they typically ask is “how much does a playground inspection cost?” Today we’re tackling that question head-on, with price ranges as well as other affordable alternatives.

Do I Need to Have My Playground Inspected?

Regular playground inspection by a certified playground safety inspector (CPSI) is key to the continued safety of children at play. It also will help you identify hazards on your playground sooner to avoid sudden, costly repairs. Even if your playground is brand new or you believe it is in good working order, regular inspections are the best way to protect your investment and keep children safe.

How Often Should Playground Equipment Be Inspected?

The frequency with which you need to have your playground inspected depends on:

  • How often children use your playground
  • How many children use your playground
  • Your local climate and weather patterns

For some playgrounds, quarterly or annual inspections by a CPSI are sufficient. However, many playgrounds see heavy use, extreme weather, and exposure to corrosive conditions (like saltwater). In these cases, you may want to have your playground inspected more frequently.

How Much Does a Playground Inspection Cost?

After figuring out how often you need to inspect your playground, your next question is likely “so how much does a playground inspection cost?”

The average playground equipment inspection costs between $300-700, depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Your location
  • How often your playground is used and how many children use it
  • The size and complexity of your playground equipment
  • The age of your playground equipment
  • The overall condition of your playground
  • The time since last inspection
  • The experience level of your chosen CPSI
  • The type and complexity of inspection required
  • Where the playground is located
  • How many playground sites you manage

Unfortunately, many playground managers are working with little to no budget, which means they don’t inspect their playgrounds as often as they should, if at all. What should be a monthly inspection often becomes a quarterly or annual one.

The good news is that an in-person inspection is not the only option. Our team of experts set out to create a more cost-effective way to keep playgrounds safe and in working order for the children who use them.

The Park Protector app (shown on a tablet) allows you to manage and inspect playgrounds easily.Park Protector: A Playground Equipment Inspection Alternative

If regular in-person inspections are out of your budget, Park Protector may be a great fit for your park or playground.

Park Protector is an easy-to-use software that guides you through the inspection process so that you can ensure the safety of your playground without any professional training. With a series of simple questions you can assess potential hazards on your playground. And, you can create a comprehensive safety record for your equipment.

Once you’ve completed your inspection, you can even schedule your next inspection and create work orders for repairs and maintenance. And, you’ll get access to insightful reports and analyses to help you predict and prevent playground hazards sooner.

You can use Park Protector on your phone or tablet for easy on-site inspections. And, there's no need for Internet or mobile data access thanks to our offline mode.

Interested in trying out Park Protector for free? Schedule a demo with one of our experts to see if it’s a good fit for you and your playground.