With a new year comes new budgets, strategies, ideas and goals. Are you budgeting for inspections, playground upgrades, new playground or park equipment, or just committing to better maintain your parks and playgrounds. With the help of Playground Guardian, you can keep your commitment to safer playgrounds and make maintaining your parks easier this year.

Playground Guardian can provide you with inspection services based on the needs of your park district or school. Inspections can be done monthly, quarterly or annually depending on the usage. If you are installing new playground equipment, you might choose to do a comprehensive audit after it is installed.

Playgrounds are generally audited once in the lifetime of the playground, and normally after it is recently installed to make sure it is compliant with CPSC and ASTM playground safety guidelines and identify serious and potentially life threatening situations. Low Frequency inspections check for hazards and test performance of an entire play area and evaluate the structural integrity of each piece of equipment and its surfacing.

Playground Guardian can also offer customers surface impact testing. Maintaining adequate safety surfacing is important as about 70% of all playground injuries are due to falls to the surfacing. Using our Triax 2010 we are fully equipped to evaluate surface impact attenuation on any playground surfacing material.

For those of you who are looking to improve processes or put a maintenance program in place, Playground Guardian has an exclusive cloud based playground inspection software called Park Protector. Park Protector is a comprehensive maintenance and management program that allows you to be fully automated with digital reporting – NO MORE binders FULL of paper. For those of you looking to train your staff, we can also offer a comprehensive maintenance training program.

Playground Equipment Services

Photo: GameTime Lakeside Park in Houston, Texas. Charlotte Photographer – Patrick Schneider