The spread of COVID-19 has played havoc with both the health and economy of America, but certainly one universal impact was the closing of all schools in the United States. As state governments announce plans to re-open businesses, they have also begun to announce plans to reopen their schools.

As primary and secondary schools prepare to reopen, certainly one of their largest concerns will be, “how do we sanitize a playground for COVID-19?” Sanitizing park and playground equipment doesn’t have to be a major challenge, but it means using the right tools and techniques.

How Do We Sanitize A Playground?

The first step in sanitizing a playground must be cleaning. Studies show that children will encounter 60,000 times more bacteria at the top of an outdoor playground slide than the slide at the indoor play area at the local fast food restaurant.

Once the equipment has been cleaned, a durable sanitizing agent should be applied. Durable sanitizing agents have a lasting impact on the equipment, allowing for regular application of a sanitizing agent that can prevent bacterial buildup in between treatments. This treatment should be performed as part of a regular park or playground equipment inspection

Playground Guardian offers playground sanitization as part of their ongoing playground inspection services. For those organizations that perform their own inspections, Playground Guardian offers the same kid-safe, lasting sanitization chemicals for delivery.

If you have more questions about playground sanitization or would like to know more about professionally trained and CPSI certified inspection services, contact Playground Guardian today!