When your playground starts looking old and faded, your first instinct may be to start shopping for a new one. But did you know that you can renew and refinish your existing playground so it can be used for years to come through a process called playground refurbishing? Here’s everything you need to know about reconditioning your existing playground equipment.

What is Playground Refurbishing?

Playground refurbishing is a way of making your old, worn, and weathered playground look like new. And, it is a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one. Think of it as a facelift for your playground. You can keep the structure and elements you’ve invested in while fixing up the parts that need a little TLC.

Why Refurbish Your Playground?

There are countless reasons why you might opt to refurbish your existing playground instead of replacing it. Three of the big factors for many are cost, waste, and safety.


Refurbishing your playground is extremely cost-effective in comparison to purchasing and installing a new one. It can free up your budget to add new playground elements or fund other initiatives.


Opting to refurbish is far less wasteful than replacing your entire playground. You’ll be able to keep using the parts of your playground equipment that are still in good condition, meaning fewer useful materials will end up in the landfill.


Make sure the equipment is repaired and maintained structurally before you consider refurbishing it. If your playground is already up to code, a fresh coat of paint and new slides can make your playground appear safer and newer, attracting more families to visit and play.

Playground Refurbishing

What Does Playground Refurbishment Include?

Our RENEW playground refurbishing and reconditioning process includes four main steps: deep cleaning, replacing and repairing, painting and recoating decks, platforms and steps.

Deep Cleaning

The first step of your playground facelift is to give everything a thorough, deep clean. We’ll power wash your equipment and surfaces to remove dirt, debris, and even graffiti. During this step, we’ll also identify areas with chipped paint, cracked rubber, or rust that will need further attention later in the playground refurbishment process.

We also offer playground sanitization as part of your playground refurbishing. We use an affordable disinfectant called Peroxigard™ to fight hundreds of viruses and bacteria and keep the children who play on your playground healthy and well. Peroxigard™ is non-toxic, non-irritating, and fragrance-free, so children can play safely, and parents never need to worry.

Replacing and Repairing

Next, look at the condition of your playground equipment and surfaces to create a priority list of repairs and updates.

This step may include:

  • Painting metal uprights and accents
  • Recoating decks, flatforms and steps
  • Refinishing cracked/rusted surfaces
  • Replacing slides, swings, chains, and more
  • Replenishing playground surfacing in low areas or replace it entirely, roll on topcoat sealer for rubber surfaces

This is also a great time to consider any new elements you may want to add to your playground to help it better serve the children who use it.


As the final step of the playground refurbishing process, our team will paint your playground equipment in the color of your choice. A fresh coat of paint can make your playground look new to its visitors, making it a great low-cost improvement to your overall space. It can also help cover up graffiti and any evidence of refinishing from the previous steps.

Continuous Maintenance

Once your playground is in tip-top shape, we provide regular maintenance and safety inspections to ensure it stays safe and clean. Playground maintenance is a huge undertaking, and oftentimes, it slips through the cracks among dozens of other responsibilities.

Finding the time and the expertise to properly inspect a playground isn’t easy. That’s why we offer in-person playground inspections, inspection training, and our Park Protector app to guide you through the process. No matter which option you choose, your refurbished playground is sure to stay in great shape.

How Much Does Refurbishing Cost?

Like most custom services, the cost of playground refurbishing will vary based on the size and number of platforms, decks, uprights, and accents in your space. Your price will also likely depend upon the condition of your playground and the number of elements that need to be replaced. However, in comparison to purchasing a brand new playground, playground refurbishing is sure to be a cost-effective option.

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