Parents and children deserve to know that their playgrounds, play equipment, and other facilities are safe. If your park has pavilions, picnic tables, and other facilities that are used by the public, make sure you keep them safe with regular inspections and audits.  So, what is the difference between a playground inspection and an audit?

Playground Inspection

Playground inspection services can vary and can be done at various intervals( (daily, quarterly, yearly, etc.). At the end of the day, it all depends on how often a playground is used -- this will determine whether you need a high- or low-frequency inspection.

  • High-Frequency Inspection

This type of safety inspection is more of a quick scan of a park or playground, and usually can identify broken equipment, surfacing issues, or any vandalism that needs to be taken care of. A high-frequency inspection examines the overall playground setting and may address accessibility, environmental factors, and age appropriateness.

  • Low-Frequency Inspection

This is a more comprehensive and thorough inspection that will likely result in the discovery of needed repairs.

Playground Audit

This type of service differs from inspections because it is the most thorough to identify any problems within a playground or park area. A playground audit will likely include a review of the equipment, layout, accessibility, and surfacing. An auditor will check out each component of the playground including equipment and playground surfacing using gauges, probes, and other measurement tools.

A comprehensive audit is typically only done once in a lifetime of a playground. This is done after it is newly installed to verify compliance with CPSC and ASTM playground safety guidelines and to identify any serious and potentially life threatening situations. Once you’ve had a comprehensive audit it is important to keep your playground closed until you’ve addressed any needed repairs or maintenance issues. Of course, the initial comprehensive audit is only the first step; ongoing regular inspections are still strongly recommended over the life of the playground.

Other Considerations

If you are looking for playground inspection/audit services, look no further! Playground Guardian can perform these services for you and can even fix any problems that arise, ensuring that your facilities remain in great shape. If your playground, park, picnic area, or pavilion needs repairs or maintenance we can also perform the work for you! Contact our team today to get started.