How Do You Inspect A Playground?

Playground inspections, whether performed by a trained Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) or by a local employee, is serious business. The obvious reason for an inspection is to keep the playgrounds or park amenities safe for the use of children and families.

Because churches, schools, municipalities, and so many other businesses and facilities have playground areas, many people are prompted to ask, “how do I perform a playground inspection?”

Playground Inspections Start With The Right Tools

In truth, playground inspections can be performed with paper and pencil. However, best practices like taking pictures of issues or areas that need maintenance or repair, keeping records of work orders and maintenance logs makes a manual process onerous, prone to errors and lost information.

That’s why playground inspection software like Park Protector from Playground Guardian is the right tool for the job.

The best playground inspection software should make tasks like record keeping, inspection scheduling, even taking pictures of issues easier and something that can be tracked and audited online. You get all of these features and much more from Park Protector.

Consider Sanitizing The Playground

As part of a regular inspection schedule, consider performing a cleaning and sanitization of the playground equipment. This is especially important given the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Playground Guardian offers playground sanitization services as part of their ongoing playground inspection services. For those organizations that perform their own inspections, Playground Guardian offers the same kid-safe, lasting sanitization chemicals for delivery.

Playground Inspection Steps

These simple steps can help perform a basic playground inspection:

1. Check for any maintenance issues like loose hardware, bolts or screws that may be a snag or protrusion hazard and make note.
2. Take pictures of any issues
3. Create any required work orders for repairs, keep records
4. Close the loop on repairs and perform a follow-up inspection
5. Repeat on a regular basis

Obviously, these are relatively simple steps, but if a child or family member is injured on playground equipment that you manage you will want to have inspection records and be able to show you do in fact have a maintenance plan. Reducing liability and mitigating risk through regular inspections, record keeping and performed maintenance.

This is a lot to manage, document, and track over time. Good playground inspection software automates this process and stores your data and images, making it far easier to manage. Alternatively, you may want to consider an ongoing playground/facilities inspection service, like Playground Guardian.

If you have questions about playground inspection software or would like to know more about professionally trained and CPSI certified inspection services, contact Playground Guardian today!