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Playground Sanitizing Services & Products

In an effort to fight the spread of infectious diseases, keeping park and playground equipment sanitized is vital. Learn about our new service and offerings.

Playground Sanitization Services

This new addition to our existing playground inspection, maintenance, and audit services is being offered to help fight the spread of infectious diseases and bacteria. After extensive research and testing, Playground Guardian selected Peroxigard™ as our persistent chemical surface treatment for playground equipment.

The benefits of the sanitization treatment include:

  • Low-cost concentrate that can be applied daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Durable, persistent treatment that is safe for almost all surfaces
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-irritating, and fragrance free
  • Effective against hundreds of viruses and bacteria

Peroxigard™ by Lighthouse Life Sciences

After significant research, Playground Guardian selected Peroxigard™ as our treatment of choice for sanitizing playground & park equipment. Peroxigard™ is a persistent chemical that when applied at regular intervals can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases and bacteria.

Not all clients of Playground Guardian use our inspection services, so we are also offering Peroxigard™ sanitizing products for sale directly on our website. Clean and sanitize your park and playground equipment yourself.


Are You a Playground Inspection

If you already have a maintenance staff or people that manage your facilities and playgrounds, Playground Guardian offers the Park Protector app.