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For once, it’s okay to drop the ball…

Welcome to a new era of determining the critical fall height protection on your playground and sports field – introducing the ST Impact Analyzer CH™. Stop wondering if your playground safety surface and sports fields are providing sufficient head impact protection. Drop the ball and know. Fast, affordable and accurate, the ST Impact Analyzer CH determines the impact attenuating characteristics of a six year old child impacting the surface of your playground or sports field including: Head Injury Criterion (HIC) Score Maximum G forces at impact (Gmax) Velocity at impact Calculated fall height. This data is instantly available in the field during testing and is more

Why Choose Playground Guardian to Maintain Your Parks & Playgrounds

For over 50 years, the Cunningham family has operated a leading rep agency in the playground industry covering sixteen states. Cunningham Recreation is a full service organization that includes design, sales and installation of playground equipment and related park and recreation products. For the last several years, our customers have expressed a growing need for a playground maintenance and inspections program to help increase the life expectancy of their investment and keep their playgrounds safe for their children. Playground Guardian LLC was founded to help address this need. Playground Guardian is a full service playground maintenance and management solution more

Maintaining and Inspecting Your Parks and Playgrounds Made Easy

Playground Guardian’s exclusive “Cloud” based inspection software, Park Protector, is benefitting park and recreation departments and school districts all over the United States. Park Protector inspection software is making park and playground maintenance easier than ever before. Park Protector inspection software isn’t just for inspecting playground equipment. Playground Guardian released an InspectALL add-on module allowing users to inspect anything in their parks systems, including skate parks, trails, shelters, restrooms, ball fields, recreation centers, etc. In a matter of minutes, Playground Guardian can upload a department’s existing inspection forms into Park Protector’s software to be used for field inspections on more