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Why Choose Playground Guardian

Watch this short video about why choosing Playground Guardian can help your parks department or school district when it comes to playgrounds! Click here to watch more

Inspecting and Maintaining Your Playground Investment

Your playground not only represents a long term investment, but a safe haven for children of all ages and abilities. Playgrounds need to be inspected on a regular basis to insure equipment is safe for children to play on. Maintaining the equipment and safety surfacing is your responsibility, and will provide a better user experience for children and their families. Inspecting your play equipment not only keeps it safe, but limits your organizations liability by showing an effort of maintaining the play space. When a playground is new and has recently been installed, performing a safety audit is always more

Inspecting Playgrounds After Severe Weather

As communities begin recovery after Hurricanes and other forms of severe weather, it’s important to inspect playground equipment. Here is a checklist for looking after your playground, particularly in areas that experience storm surge and/or flooding. Close and Inspect If you have significant, obvious damage, like trees falling on your equipment, or if the equipment itself sustained significant damage from the wind or flood water, the first step is to close the playground to the public and call the manufacturer immediately. If your playground equipment was ever submerged in the floodwater, but the water has receded, it needs to more

Playground Safety is Important to Us All

Spring is here and kids are ready to hit the playgrounds again. We all have fond memories of playing with our friends at recess or going to the park with our families. Playgrounds are a great place to experience the great outdoors, develop our physical fitness skills and socialize. National Playground Safety Week is April 23-27, 2018, a time when we focus on outside play environments. As parents, teachers and as providers of play equipment and play spaces, we want to ensure safe and well maintained playgrounds for our children. Here are a few tips for using and maintaining more

RENEW—See What Our Customers Are Saying

Is your playground equipment worn and weathered? Is your budget tight? Are you working with limited funding? Well if so, RENEW maybe the answer for you. RENEW by Playground Guardian can give your worn and weathered play equipment a "facelift." RENEW can restore your play equipment for a fraction of what it would cost to buy new. See our before and after photos of various projects. Here's what our customers are saying----"The Playground Guardian team was phenomenal to work with! They were very flexible with our schedule and were all incredibly understanding that getting the playground reopened quickly was more

Inspection and Maintenance Services for Park Districts and School Playgrounds

With a new year come new budgets, strategies, ideas and goals. Are you budgeting for inspections, playground upgrades, new playground or park equipment, or just committing to better maintain your parks and playgrounds. With the help of Playground Guardian, you can keep your commitment to safer playgrounds and make maintaining your parks easier this year. Playground Guardian can provide you with inspection services based on the needs of your park district or school. Inspections can be done monthly, quarterly or annually depending on the usage. If you are installing new playground equipment, you might choose to do a comprehensive more

Breathe New Life into Your Existing Play Equipment with RENEW

Give your worn and weathered playground equipment a “facelift” with Playground Guardian’s RENEW playground maintenance and cleaning services. If you have a limited budget, our proven RENEW reconditioning process can restore your playground for a fraction of the cost of buying new equipment. To see our proven results click here. “The Playground Guardian team was phenomenal to work with!  They were very flexible with our schedule and were all incredibly understanding that getting the playground reopened quickly was a top priority. The crew worked diligently against some unfavorable weather and finished right on schedule, allowing us to reopen our more

Playground Equipment ASTM Safety Updates

Recent changes were made to ASTM F1487-17 regarding playground equipment for public use. These changes to performance requirements, equipment, and layout will most likely affect planning, designing and maintaining your parks. However, the changes specifically relating to maintenance call for regular inspections of play equipment and fall surfacing, and makes it clear that the owner/operator should maintain detailed record keeping for each playground equipment area. Park Protector is exactly that—a detailed record of inspections, repairs, maintenance and documentation specifically related to each play equipment area. To view changes visit Please contact Playground Guardian if you are in need more