Playground Safety is Important to Us All


Spring is here and kids are ready to hit the playgrounds again. We all have fond memories of playing with our friends at recess or going to the park with our families. Playgrounds are a great place to experience the great outdoors, develop our physical fitness skills and socialize.

National Playground Safety Week is April 23-27, 2018, a time when we focus on outside play environments. As parents, teachers and as providers of play equipment and play spaces, we want to ensure safe and well maintained playgrounds for our children.

Here are a few tips for using and maintaining a safe playground for our children.

Inspect Your Playground

Playground safety requires all of our efforts. Playgrounds do not maintain themselves. They require regular inspection and necessary maintenance and repairs.


Practice Safety While Playing at the Playground

Dress for Safety

Play Nice

Use Equipment Appropriately

Supervision is Necessary

We want our children to play and be active, but we want them to be safe. No wants to end the day at the playground with a trip to the emergency room, but unfortunately accidents do happen and all kids fall from time to time. Playground injuries can be decreased or avoided if we all take the time to make ourselves aware of the potential hazards. If we are all active in identifying and addressing unsafe playgrounds or play equipment our children will be that much safer.

Please feel free to contact Playground Guardian if you have any questions on playground safety or inspections at 877-984-0418.

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