Playground Maintenance & Repair

Your playground represents much more than a long-term investment -- it’s a safe, fun environment for kids and families alike! That said, it takes a lot of time and care to keep it that way.

Over time, playground equipment and safety surfacing can be subject to damage, whether it’s regular maintenance for the usual wear and tear or needs minor repairs due to vandalism. It is crucial to conduct routine, thorough inspections of playground and park equipment and play areas to ensure that all children have a safe place to play.

After performing an inspection, many different issues or maintenance needs can come to light, and that can be overwhelming to deal with on your own. Luckily, Playground Guardian can help!

Our park and playground inspections include a detailed report for any necessary and/or required playground repairs and maintenance. In addition to conducting inspections, Playground Guardian can also handle the minor repairs and maintenance for you! We are experienced in all sorts of minor maintenance and repairs, including:

● Raking playground surfacing under swings and slides
● Removing graffiti from playground equipment and surfacing
● Tightening or replacing playground hardware
● Recoating worn playground decking
● Replacing loose-fill playground surfacing
● Recoating and repairing rubber playground surfaces
● Power washing playground equipment

Have Questions?

At Playground Guardian, we are passionate about playground safety and have been dedicated to keeping playgrounds safe and fun for over 50 years. We are equipped to conduct playground inspections and perform routine minor maintenance and repairs to help keep your playground safe for all. If you are interested in learning more or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!