Nothing can be more depressing to a facilities manager or someone who manages a park or playground than facilities and equipment that looks run down or worn out. While inspections and audits can catch safety issues and concerns leading them to be fixed, families may not feel as though a playground is safe if the equipment looks worn or not as vibrant as it once did.

Solution: Give your playground equipment a “facelift”!

You Do Not Always Have to Replace Your Playground Equipment

As playground equipment ages it often starts to show signs of wear and tear as well as other symptoms: fading paint, cracking plastic, and sometimes even rust or broken hardware. These changes can cause families to abandon their normal playgrounds and look for other, newer or visually “safer” places.

This situation will typically cause facilities managers to start shopping for new playground equipment. However, that doesn’t have to be the first choice. Working with the right partner, it is possible to revitalize a worn down playground by repainting, replacing worn or cracked hardware and plastic parts, and generally “renewing” the playground.

What is RENEW?

RENEW is a service offered by Playground Guardian that accomplishes this very goal. At a lower cost than replacing your run down playground equipment, Playground Guardian can RENEW it by bringing in our team of specialists who will completely refinish and refurbish your playground.

What Does RENEW Include?

Simply put, the RENEW playground facelift service can include painting, replacement plastics like slides and other hardware, refinishing, repairing, replacing cracked or rusted surfaces, and even updating the playground surface if it is also either not up to code or damaged.

Do I Need A RENEW Playground Facelift For My Playground?

Not every playground is the same, and the best way to know what your playground needs is to contact the team at Playground Guardian for a playground facelift consultation. You will receive a customized quote for the repairs and upgrades that your playground needs.