Playground Inspection and TestingWelcome to a new era of determining the critical fall height protection on your playground and sports field – introducing the ST Impact Analyzer CH™. Stop wondering if your playground safety surface and sports fields are providing sufficient head impact protection. Drop the ball and know.

Fast, affordable and accurate, the ST Impact Analyzer CH determines the impact attenuating characteristics of a six year old child impacting the surface of your playground or sports field including:

  • Head Injury Criterion (HIC) Score
  • Maximum G forces at impact (Gmax)
  • Velocity at impact
  • Calculated fall height

This data is instantly available in the field during testing and is collected and tracked in your own personal, confidential database becoming a vital part of your maintenance records. This data will help track trends and allow you to maintain to an injury risk level that you determine vs. maintaining to a surfacing depth or a standard that may expose your audience to an unacceptable risk level.

Children play on playgrounds and it is the injury statistics of children getting hurt on playgrounds that we track and make all efforts to reduce. The ST Impact Analyzer CH is designed to assess the injury risk levels should a six year old child fall onto the surface. The circumference and mass of this unit has been produced to the same specifications of the six year old head form used in crash test dummies by the automotive industry and by helmet manufacturers. It is the most applicable device to assess your playground safety surface.