On-site Services
In addition to our custom developed Playground Guardian™ Playground Management Software, we offer a full line of personalize services to assist our customers with the management of their playground equipment.
Playground Inspections
We provide high and low-frequency inspections to check for hazards and test the performance of an entire play area, evaluate the structural integrity of each piece of equipment and its surfacing. Inspections can be conducted daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.
Playground Audits
We provide a comprehensive playground audit and playground examination that verifies that each piece of playground equipment complies with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) playground safety regulations. This examination is used to identify serious and potentially life threatening situations.
Playground Maintenance
During routine playground inspections, we perform the following playground maintenance duties as needed:
  • Tighten or replace playground hardware
  • Rake playground surfacing under swings and slides
  • Clean up debris around the playground
  • Power wash the playground equipment
Safety Surfacing Drop Testing

GMAX Drop Testing – Using the Triax 2010 SIT (Safety Impact Test), Playground Guardian is fully equipped to evaluate surface impact attenuation on any playground surfacing material.

Playground Guardian Inspectors are all certified to perform surface impact attenuation using the Triax 2010. Clients will be provided with a complete report of drop test findings.

In the photo on the above left, the head form is ricocheting off the playground safety surface. The head form is equipped with an accelerometer to measure readings which are transmitted to the hand held computer measuring the maximum deceleration of gravity (GMAX) and the severity and duration of impact (HIC).

Playground Repairs
Once we inspect your playground area, we prepare a detailed estimate for any necessary playground repair work, including:
  • Replacing damaged or worn playground equipment
  • Renewing worn playground PVC decking
  • Replacing loose fill playground surfacing
  • Recoating and repairing rubber playground surfacing
  • Removing graffiti from playground equipment
Playground Maintenance Training
As needed, we can work with your department to develop a comprehensive playground maintenance and playground inspection program that suits your needs and budget. This includes training staff members in playground safety, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) playground trends, usage, and proper record keeping of playground maintenance activities.
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For more information on Playground Guardian™ Playground Management Software or our personalized on-site services contact us at 1-877-984-0418 or info@playgroundguardian.com.